At Belair Transport, our story began in 1968 with a vision rooted in service and dedication.

It all started with our grandfather, Thomas Trapasso Sr., who owned and operated a taxi company in Newark, NJ. A pivotal moment came when he was approached to transport a student to and from Newark Academy in Livingston. Little did he know that simple act of service would give rise to the legacy of Belair Transport.

Over half a century later, we proudly stand as a third-generation owned and operated company, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence. Today, Belair Transport flourishes with a fleet of more than 120 school buses, each bearing the responsibility of safely transporting over 1000 students annually.

Our journey began with a single student’s need and has evolved into a thriving enterprise dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of school transportation. From our modest origins to present-day achievements, our family’s dedication to this industry remains unwavering. At Belair Transport, every journey is imbued with the same spirit of service that inspired our grandfather in 1968.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of school transportation, guided by our history, experience, and unyielding commitment to providing the best for the communities we serve.

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